Over the past decades, Africa has been the number one influencer and distributor of music worldwide. Reggae in Jamaica, salsa in Cuba, jazz in America; the music we play, dance and listen to often finds its origins on this continent. But what do we know about music in Africa?

Not even 1% of the music that is being produced there right now makes it to our record shops! And if so, it is too often labeled as ‘African music’, or even more regrettable: ‘World music’. Foundation Karibu's goal is to show Africa's booming positivity, creativity and cultural diversity, through this musical form of expression.

Literally translated as 'welcome', we understand the Swahili word 'karibu' also as a culture of hospitality and tolerance. We welcome all people of all races to experience the warm African vibe all together.


The concept of Foundation Karibu Events is focused on giving visitors the opportunity to experience a 'musical journey' through contemporary Africa. Every event we guide you through Sub-Sahara Africa, introduce three countries and represent (one of) their music styles. This is being supported by other cultural elements such as dance, food, fashion, and art. 

Foundation Karibu Events offers its services in different settings. Discover the clubscene of Lagos or Nairobi in one of our 'Nightlife' editions. Or come to visit one of our day-time events, where we create a warm and vibrant atmosphere with dance-workshops, funky flavours, fashion shows  and (live) art.

The foundation also offers its concept on demand to organisations who want give people a 90 min. long unexpected musical journey through Africa. 


Artist graphic: Sapin Art